What started as a practice for second year KFI students now includes a television program on Tanzanian Broadcasting Company viewed by over two million people from all over Tanzania. Tazama Tz! is a series of 15 television programs per season about life of Tanzanians. It is a thirty-minute program, which is interesting for the whole family: a show full of stories, made by and made for people from Tanzania.

Tazama TZ! came in existence due to the lack of good quality television programs about Tanzania. This is what inspired KFI students to make a qualitative program that touch base with ordinary people in Tanzania.

Tazama Tz! tackles important issues, shed new lights on old myths and get Tanzanians really talking about what it is to be Tanzanian. The production of Tazama Tz! has now become part and parcel of KFI’s second years curriculum. By producing Tazama Tz! students learn how to produce television programs. The television program includes 3-4 short stories per 30 minutes. The stories vary from serious, investigative to playful and from journalistic to lifestyle.