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New Students At KFI


The Kilimanjaro Film Institute hereby welcomes application from all over the country (Tanzania) to attend a two years audio-visual training; In the first year, students learn basic skills such as working with a camera, introduction to editing, sound equipment and introduction to storytelling techniques. In the second year the students focus on the creative and artistic aspects of media production and cover topics such as research and reporting skills, production planning, script writing and directing, media law and media ethics, entrepreneurship and on job training to students, purposely to prepare them to face job market.

The application:
The application in English, must be submitted electronically to the following address: elibahati@kilimanjarofilm.org and a copy to  sam@kilimanjarofilm.org

Deadline for application: 21st May 2015

The application consists of the following items:

  • Cover letter
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Composition/essay of not less than 250 words explaining why you deserve the chance to join KFI

Criteria of selection:

  1.  English (Can read, speak and write)
  2. Kiswahili (Can read, speak and write)
  3.  Basic Computer skills
  4. Must come from challenging background
  5. A deep passionate in Media
  6. Aged 18-24 years
  7. Must a Tanzanian Citizen


Meet Our Students, Class Of 2014 – 2016.

At KFI we provide the highest levels of training in all aspects of audio-visual production: directing, camera, editing, sound, presenting, research etc.

In the next two years the students will also be trained in computers skills, English, life skills, and entrepreneurship which are also fundamental subject for either employment or self employment.


Name: Remson LazaroMollel
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies: Reading books and watching movies.
Expectation after Finishing the Course:  Work at a television station.

Comment: ” I’m happy to be part of KFI community and I would like to become a professional camera operator”.

Name:  Irene Felix Macha
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies:  I like to play netball and to watch cartoon.Expectation after Finishing the Course:  I need to be a good editor in this country.Comment: I`m very happy to study at KFI because I believe I will achieve my dream

Name:  Abdallah Said Abdallah
Residence: Dar es Salaam
Hobbies: Swimming, Reading novel
Expectation after Finishing the Course: “To be a professional editor”.

Comment: “I am feeling very happy to be a part of KFI because through them I can archive my goals”.


Name: Mwamuzi Joel Segereth
Residence: Tabora Tanzania
Hobbies: I like to watch movies and to play football.
Expectation after Finishing the Course: I want to be a professional media personality.

Comment:  I’m feeling very good to be at Kilimanjaro Film Institute and I love the way they teach which is very professional.


Name:  Beda Josephat Matemu
Residence: Arusha
Expectation after Finishing the Course: Working for the community to make change through the use media.

Comment:” KFI is a place of knowledge and Creativity”.


Name: Nurdin R. Pallangyo
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies: Reading novels and watching movies.
Expectation after Finishing the Course: One day to have my own media house where I will employ others.

Comment: ” KFI is a wonderful place  where I’m sure I’m going to fulfil my dreams.”


Name: Perus Benson Maugira
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies: Singing and listening music.
Expectation after Finishing the Course:  I would like to be a great camera operator and a great role model in the community.

Comment:  I’m happy to be part of KFI community.


Name: Queen Augustino Mhindi
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies: I love listen to music, watching movies, going to the picnic and making story.
Expectation after Finishing the Course: To give voice to voiceless; by using my skills as an editor and to share the same with the community.

Comment:  I really love and appreciate to be at KFI whereby I get a chance to interact with my peers through sharing ideas, life style, feelings and life challenges


Name: Stanslaus Festo Lekule
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies:  Watching movies and documentary, acting, singing and peer education.
Expectation after Finishing the Course:  To work with the community and address problems through documentary videos in my organization CHRISC TANZANIA and other social media.

Comment:  My dream is to be the best video producer.  KFI is the best place to be in order to achieve my dream.


Name: Stella E. Mathew
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies: Listen to music and watching movies.
Expectation after Finishing the Course: To make positive change in my community.

Comment: “I’m very optimistic of a great future at KFI.”


Name: Zainabu Shabani
Residence: Arusha
Hobbies: Traditional dance
Expectation after Finishing the Course: Help people with the acquired skills in the community.

Comment: ” I look forward to a great future as camera lady.”


Name: Zakayo E. Msaki
Residence: Moshi
Hobbies: Playing football, Reading novels, listening music, watching movies and singing

Expectation after Finishing the Course: I will be happy if I become an entrepreneur or employed in any company. I would love to help my family.

Comment:  I feel happy to be selected to study at KFI. It is through God’s plan and I hope I can reach the place where I dream to be and most I like the way trainers teach us,  they are so friendly and professional.