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Mashariki African Film Festival in Rwanda

Mr. Laurent Kiria is our master trainer in Sound and Music in film at KFI production and Moving Tanzania master classes. Last week he participated in the just concluded Mashariki African Film Festival that took place in Kigali, Rwanda from 9th March to 14th March 2015.

This week he will share the acquired skills and knowledge at the ongoing master classes hosted at the Kilimanjaro Film Institute under the Moving Tanzania program which is scheduled to end on 20th March 2015.

We also thank Mr. Rama of  Kili Inc and also an alumnus of KFI for his dedication and expertise during his facilitation in the first week of Sound and Music in Film master class which started on 9th March 2015.

The master class in Rwanda that Laurent attended was facilitated by the East African Community, GIZ and Mashariki African Film Festival (MAFF) in conjunction with the East African Film Network (EAFN).

The course module covered the following;

  1. Introduction to sound; what is sound, recognizing pitch, loudness, timbre.
  2. Converting sound waves to electric signals, dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones.
  3.  Amplifiers and loud speakers for surround and screen sound tracks.
  4. Sound recording for film, analogue sound, digital sound and Dolby sound.
  5. Sound recording required for documentary and feature films.
  6. Sound transfer and editing; sync sound with picture, linear editing and non linear editing.
  7. Prepare for dialogue tracks, sound effects and music, Foley sound effects.
  8. Sound dubbing, dubbing for animation films, changing language of the film to other. 8. Mixing sound for film, Dolby SR, DOLBY SR-D, DTS.
  9. Sound Design: importance of a sound designer.
Mr. Laurent Kiria introducing himself to the team during the first day of the workshop.
Session in progress with one of the facilitators
Practical session…
Laurent with the team during group assigments.
Group assignments…