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Parents and Students Orientation Class of 2015 – 2017

Today we hosted the parents and the selected students for the next cohort of 2015 – 2017 for an orientation to understand our organization’s operations and culture. The students are expected to start the classes in August 2015.

The main agenda of the day focused on;

  • Our training curriculum and philosophy.
  • Contributions towards training and its impact in reaching the bigger goal in educating the students.
  • Introduction to our mission, value and vision.
  • Our general guidelines regarding discipline, attendance etc.
  • Parents and students consent form application etc.

The parents had a chance to ask questions and later they toured different spaces within our spaces. The program of the day was facilitated by Mr. Sam (General Manager), Mr. Akyoo ( Chief academic) and Mr. Goodluck (Trainer / Camera Operator).

We welcome all the students to the KFI growing family of Filmmakers, Producers, Editors, Sound Operators etc.