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Moving Tanzania – Creative Entrepreneurship Course

In today’s ever changing world, everyone ought to have an entrepreneur’s attitude towards their work. It takes time, dedication, courage, processes, discipline, planning etc.; for one to succeed in their pursuit of moving from the ideation to actual implementation of their plans.

At Moving Tazania Creative Entrepreneurship course we offer comprehensive ten days course featuring the best practices and tools to aid the participants understand their business models and most of all understand the needs of their target audience (Customers), one of this great tool is the business model canvas and buyer persona or mood-board among others.

We train the participants to spot opportunities and apply the best practices within limited resources and how to mobilize other resources around their ideas to have a market segment. Money is important but it isn’t everything, we need to think of the team, our channels of distributions, customer segment, value proposition, partnerships etc.
We encourage participants to consult widely and conduct a market research before starting their businesses because this will allow them to evaluate the feasibility the ideas.

entreprenuership2Day 1: Expectations, course outline, group sharing etc.entreprenuership1 Question to the participants, who is an entrepreneur? 

So what Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship according to Harvard Business School:
“Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled”

Pursuit: implies focus, a short window of opportunity, entrepreneurs have a sense of urgency that is seldom seen in established companies.

Opportunity: implies an offering that is new, it may entail: 1) pioneering a truly innovative product; 2) devising a new business model; 3) creating a better or cheaper version; 4) targeting an existing product to new sets of customers.

Beyond resources: implies resource constraints. Must mobilize more resources than they control personally.

moving-tanzaniaWhat is your business model? Who is your target group? Etc; the planning phase during the business model canvas exercise.moving-tanzania2 From left; Ms. Furaha listening attentively to pointers given by Mr. Wilson during the brainstorming session with the group before the individual pitch by the participants.moving-tanzania3Ms. Furaha presenting her business ideas to the team.

Benefits of joining the course;

  •  Participants get to work in groups and also learn other important skill sets for an entrepreneur to excel in mobilizing the required resources for example pitching your ideas to prospective investors or partners.
  •  Link with professional coaches who will help you in the process of fine tuning the business idea.
  • Explore your creative world through practical assignments etc.
  • Have fun while learning with other passionate entrepreneurs.

Our main facilitator is Mr. Wilson Masaka from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a social entrepreneur, Web developer/ Graphic designer and IT Trainer with more than 10 year experience.