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Sound and Music In Film – Master Class

Tomorrow the Sound and Music participants will be completing their two weeks intensive course in creative media Master class which started on the 6th October 2014.

Music and Sound in Media; An awareness of the importance of sound and music for high quality media production and an ability to deliver high quality sound design and music for film
Program of the day 21th October 2014;

  • 2pm – 3pm: Each group will have 20 minutes review with Laurent,Timoth and Petri
  • 3:10pm – 3:45pm: Group presentation closure.
  • 3:45pm – 04:15pm: Each group showcase their featured story video.
  • 04:15pm – 04:30pm: Short remarks by KFI director and Guest.
  • 04:30pm – 04:45pm: Awarding Certificates and Group photo.

To attend: all production unit members and KFI staff.

We wish all the participants all the best while we look forward to the start of Creative media class.

Key highlights during the Music & Sound Class

What is sound? One of the first lessons the students got was an introduction in what sound is and how it travels. One of the exercises was for one student to shout “PAH!” repeatedly and another to walk around with one ear closed to hear the reflections of the sound.


Microphone sensitivity ; The second lesson was about microphones and how they respond to sound. To visualize this in a clear way the students got an exercise in which they listened to different types of microphones through headphones and had to make a note of where the other student, who was walking around talking, sounded like he had walked out of the microphones sensitivity pattern.


Microphone patterns: This picture was taken during the same exercise about microphone sensitivity and shows the difference between the two microphones used thus far. The yellow string is the first microphone they listened to (a shotgun microphone) and the green string of the microphone pictured (a microphone with a carded pattern) The exercise was to explain the students about the difference between microphones and in what type of situation you may choose the appropriate set..

Creative Media – Moving Tanzania

MOVING TANZANIA aims to improve the media landscape in Tanzania and Challenges participants to engage in Improving their imaginative skills and express themselves more personally that leading to creative concepts and storytelling.

Moving Tanzania’ is building a self-reliant market for documentary making and cultural storytelling in Tanzania. ‘Moving Tanzania’ hosts a Hub of knowledge and training. The target group of the action are the professional makers of documentaries and cultural story telling for companies, institutions or self employed: film makers, video directors, camera operators, editors, script writers, video journalists, etc,

Today lesson: Introduction of course. GET TO KNOW YOU and Practical interviews using the camera and reviews