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Updates Sound and Music Class for June 2015

Due to the low number of applicants and work related assignments, we had no option but to reschedule the sound and music in film class at a later date which will be communicated. We continue to urge all the practitioners in the filmmaking industry  to give more emphasis in sound and music in their production either in short film documentaries, send-off parties, weddings, news reporting etc.

Customized Lessons Ongoing

We have a well outlined curriculum for the master classes even though we are very flexible to accommodate participants’ recommendation that we can deliver on. Currently we are running a customized training for individuals’ from15th to 26th June 2015. In the customized training model, the participant has 80% to select what they need to be trained on that is within our capacity while we also provide 20% insight on what is entailed on the options they have selected upon.

A case in point we have Mr. Alex Mkemwa from Iringa, Tanzania where he works for  Furaha radio station as a radio presenter. Mr. Alex has subscribed for 2 weeks training that entails sound and technical editing starting 16th June on 26th June 2015. We continue to encourage him for seeing value in taking two weeks off his busy schedule at work to improve on his skills.

On the left is Mr. Alex and Mr. Laurent going through the lesson materials
On the left is Mr. Alex and Mr. Laurent going through the lesson materials


On the left is Mr. Alex and the team learning how to work in teams using the equipments.
On the left is Mr. Alex learning how to work in teams using the equipments.


The Process

The process is very simple, you may visit our premises or contact us via email with your options, and then we will provide you with the feedback in the best time possible. For more about Moving Tanzania please visit www.kilimanjarofilm.org/blog.

Note: We will continue to explore other reach out options that are there in meeting the target audience for the coming courses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas, suggestions etc.

Join the Next Class: Creative Media for 1 month from 29th June to 29th July 2015 (cinematography, storytelling, sound and editing).

There is a group of five practitioners in the different media industry who have made a formal request to have the class run for one month. We agreed to schedule the class on the dates above and any person interested may also join for a training fee of Tsh 210,000.

Open to the East African community!

Moving Tanzania’. ‘Moving Tanzania’ hosts a Hub of knowledge and training for professional makers of documentaries and cultural storytellers: filmmakers, video directors, camera operators, editors, scriptwriters, video journalists, etc.

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