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Volunteer Guest Trainers at KFI.

Mette and Tim will share their expertise in creative skills, life skills and technical skills with our students during their stay,  and we are honoured to have them join the KFI team.

picture1 pictures2 Mette Mohr Martensen from Denmark teaching the 1st year students in communication skills, she trains on how to generate ideas and later develop them into a journalistic way, while on the other hand training on to conduct interviews.

pictures3 pictures4Tim from Netherlands assisting the first year camera operators on how to walk backwards with the camera while filming, the objective is to be able to film steady shots while walking with the camera  focusing your attention on the subject.

Day 2 at Creative Media Class.

We are very happy and humbled to meet our new participants of February class which is schedule to run from 2nd February to 13th February 2015.

Our main goal of the Creative Media class is to train and share knowledge with the participants the principle, element and creative concepts of storytelling through film production.

Summary of what is covered in two weeks;

  • Introduction to camera
  • Knowing the equipment and use of tripod etc.
  • Principle of cinematography.
  • Introduction to editing.
  • Understanding the dynamics of composition etc.

Application for the next class is open; Technical Training: Sounds & Music in Film 9th – 20th March 2015 Apply through:  www.kilimanjarofilm.org/Apply

pallanyo-MovingTanzania pallanyo-MovingTanzania2

Our leading philosophy is learning by doing!

Step by Step we Get the Right Shots!

This stage of post production involves the technical aspect in film making  whereby students are guided through using the right editing sets, software, settings etc.

Our first years students are currently applying the skills they have learnt in the past few months…

The Editors: Students are going through the post production  process to make sure that everything is properly captured.

editing-kfi kfi-students

First year students filming a group assignment mainly to implement the use of manual white balance.


Creative Media Class; Cinematography and Technical Editing

We congratulate all the participants for finishing the course successfully. We do hope and believe the skills acquired will impact  to your work directly and that of the industry as professionals.

Below is how the last day unfolded on 21st November 2014;

  • Visit to Kili Inc production studio to learn how the process  that involves making of commercial films.
  • Group lunch hosted by us ( KFI) at our office.
  • Screening of the short films developed by Moving Tanzania participants
  • Award of cerficates and photos.

Few days left apply for the next class, Creative Entrepreneurship (CE) which starts on the 1st December 2014. www.kilimanjarofilm.org/Apply