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We shall bring to you important issues around Tanzania featuring stories about life, work, sports, sceneries, business, people, arts and culture, etc. TAZAMENI TANZANIA TV program, a series of factual stories, it is a 30 minutes program which is interesting for the whole family to watch together.

We will be on air from 9th April 2015 on TV1 channel in Tanzania. If you would like to partner with us in the production and promotion of your work, please contact us through Mercy +255 752 352 048, office number +255 684 845 343 or Sam +255 786 087 685

E-mails: mercy@kilimanjarofilm.org or sam@kilimanjarofilm.org

Here are the footages at different locations;


KFI production crew at location, filming TAZAMENI TANZANIA TV program, a series
18th of February, the crew was at Jifundishe free library. A community library where by every Tanzanian around the library is free to go and use the learning materials and facilities such as books, news papers and computers. Many people have achieved their dreams of reading, writing and using the computers through this state of the art community library.

On 19th, the crew was filming at Materuni village, Kilimanjaro region. The inspiration story was about using the resources around our community such as tourist’s attractions, our tradition and culture to create job opportunities and of course raising the economy.


Please share with your friend about the good news and keep checking our platform for the schedule of the programming coming soon.