Kilimanjaro Film Institute Production Unit has a professional team of writers, directors, producers, camera, sound and editors to provide the highest quality of films for the market.  The Production Unit has been providing services to the audio visual community for the last  four years.


The Production Unit has a very good reputation for working on the TV programs and documentaries by providing creative services to its clients.
Services Offered at Kilimanjaro Film Institute; 

  1. Documentary Film Making
  2. Televisions Programs
  3. Tourism and Cultural Films
  4. Corporate Films
  5. Promotional Films
  6. News Items
  7. Special Events
  8. Music Videos
  9. Public Announcement’s
  10. Feature Films
  11. Professional Editing
  12. Translations (subtitle)

 Our Clients
KFI commenced a commercial production unit to help generate income for the Institute to offset ongoing costs. The professionals who make these films work closely with the client to ensure that the vision of the film comes to life.

The Production unit has worked with both local and international clients in different projects and all of them appreciated the good team that KFI has in production of TV programs and Documentaries. Due to its good reputation in filming, KFI has constantly been receiving filming tenders from different clients in various projects.