How to Apply for Moving Tanzania

Below are our simple steps on how to join the Moving Tanzania Master classes which is now open to the East African Community.

  1. Click on to apply for Moving Tanzania.
  2. After successful application we shall make a shortlist and call only the qualified candidates for further orientation of the project requirements.
  3. Only 25 participants will be chosen per module.  Two weeks in Creative Media, Two weeks in Music and sound in film and  Two weeks in Creative Entrepreneurship.

Contact Information Should you have any questions or errors with the  application form please write to; or call +255 684 845 343 Join us on social media for the latest updates at Course fee:    

  1. Accommodation for two weeks includes boarding facilities, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will cost Tsh. 210,000/=
  2. Two weeks module Creative Media Tsh. 210,000
  3. Two weeks module Music and Sound in Film Tsh 210,000
  4. Two weeks Creative Entreprenuership Tsh. 210,000
  5. Food for non residence Tsh 2,500 per day, even though you can make your own arrangements.

Note: You can arrange for your alternative accommodation around Arusha and if you stay in Arusha you have the privilege of not finding other accommodation.