Sound and Music in Film Class – Presentation

We take this opportunity to congratulate all the participants in the Sound and Music in Film class that started on 9th March and ended today.

All that starts well, ends well!

Thanks for the team work spirit and we do hope you will apply the knowledge and skills acquired starting next week. Don’t forget to share with your wider network…

Steve, Wilson, Catherine and Simon
Congratulation Catherine and all the participants
The team: Catherine, Rama, Steve, Simon, Wilson, Adson, Laurent and Elibahati


Summary; The course module covered the following;

  1. Introduction to sound; what is sound, recognizing pitch, loudness, timbre.
  2. Converting sound waves to electric signals, dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones.
  3.  Amplifiers and loud speakers for surround and screen sound tracks.
  4. Sound recording for film, analogue sound, digital sound and Dolby sound.
  5. Sound recording required for documentary and feature films.
  6. Sound transfer and editing; sync sound with picture, linear editing and non linear editing.

Here is a video that was done by the Creative Media class in Feb 2015. This is what the participants were able to produce in a span of two weeks, isn’t that amazing?

Please click to watch!

Next week we welcome the Creative Media class   ( 23rd March to 1st April 2015)

Have a great weekend.