Life – Skills Training at KFI 1st Year Students

This week our 1st year’s students got a chance to interact with Mr. Sud Abdallah, who is an occupational therapist here in Arusha. Many youth in today’s society are faced with many challenges, one being lack of self identity or self awareness which derail them from their desired dreams. Mr. Sud used the Johari window which is a simple model and useful tool for illustrating and improving self-awareness, and mutual understanding between individuals within a group.

These are periodic guest lectures that we organize parallel to the main course in cinematography. The main goal is geared towards having an all rounded students who embraces good work ethics during employment or self employment ventures.

On the other hand our 3rd year students started their one month intern-ship at different reputable companies, for example, at Kikoi in Dar -el Salam,  KFI production Unit just to mention but a few.

Students paying attention to Mr. Sud advice on how to be aware of SELF…