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Special Offer – Ofa Maalum


Ofa Maalum, Ofa katika msimu wa Pasaka

Hii ni maalumu kwa ajili ya mashirika mapya yanayoanza, makampuni na mashule

Pata fursa ya kutengeneza:

Makala ya dakika 3-5 kwa ajili ya promosheni
Tangazo la sekunde 30-60 la kibiashara

Matangazo maalumu au taarifa kwa uma
Hii yote ni kwa gharama ya shilingi 500,000 tu.
(Gharama hii haijumuisha usafiri, na mahitaji maalumu)

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi, wasiliana nasi kupitia:

Mercy mwakilishi idara ya masoko: Simu + 255 752 352 048 au kwa barua pepe:

Ofisi KFI Arusha: Simu +255 684 845 343 au +255 786 087 685,
Barua pepe:



Special offer for small & emerging organisation around Arusha.
The cost is exclusive of transport costs. @OFFER TSH 500,000 for the following services;

3-5 minutes promotional video
30-60 seconds TV commercial / advert
Public announcements videos

Call for further information; Mercy +255 752 352 048 /
Office +255 684 845 343, Sam +255 786 087 685

Offer ends on April 30th 2015



We shall bring to you important issues around Tanzania featuring stories about life, work, sports, sceneries, business, people, arts and culture, etc. TAZAMENI TANZANIA TV program, a series of factual stories, it is a 30 minutes program which is interesting for the whole family to watch together.

We will be on air from 9th April 2015 on TV1 channel in Tanzania. If you would like to partner with us in the production and promotion of your work, please contact us through Mercy +255 752 352 048, office number +255 684 845 343 or Sam +255 786 087 685

E-mails: or

Here are the footages at different locations;


KFI production crew at location, filming TAZAMENI TANZANIA TV program, a series
18th of February, the crew was at Jifundishe free library. A community library where by every Tanzanian around the library is free to go and use the learning materials and facilities such as books, news papers and computers. Many people have achieved their dreams of reading, writing and using the computers through this state of the art community library.

On 19th, the crew was filming at Materuni village, Kilimanjaro region. The inspiration story was about using the resources around our community such as tourist’s attractions, our tradition and culture to create job opportunities and of course raising the economy.


Please share with your friend about the good news and keep checking our platform for the schedule of the programming coming soon.


Final Day at the Creative Media Class 13th February 2015

“It is not too late to pursue your dream or what you are passionate about…” These are encouraging words from Mrs. Elimani Pallangyo who was a participant in the Creative Media Class of Feb 2015. In the last seven months we have trained 35 participants majority coming from Tanzania in different sectors.

Mrs. Pallanyo who is in her 50’s runs a cultural centre called ee-yeiyo museum and cultural tours which promote and preserve the Meru culture. Her main goal of joining the master classes at Moving Tanzania was to acquire skills that would help her in producing quality digital products at the centre. In the ee-yeiyo centre they have recorded a collection of Meru songs and dances in the form of audio and visuals distributed on CDs and DVDs. The vision of the centre is to digitize traditional songs, music, dances, folklores, sayings and riddles from the Meru culture. This is a great idea which should be emulated by all African and other cultures around the World to avert the threats of losing their roots for the next generations to come.

Tour with Moving Tanzania

As a practice at Moving Tanzania within the training the participants get a chance to tour either a cultural or a creative space within Arusha. This time it was a great honour for all of us to be hosted by Mrs. Pallanyo at the ee-yeiyo cultural centre.

We wish all the participants a creative journey in their pursuit in producing quality products of any format and we look forward to welcome you all again at the next classes in music and sound in film and creative entrepreneurship scheduled for March & May 2015 as follows;

  • Sounds & Music in Film 9th March 2015 to 20th March 2015
  • Creative Entrepreneurship 4th May 2015 to 15th May 2015.…

Class in session. How to operate the camera
Class in session. How to operate the camera
Mrs. Eliamani Pallangyo holding her certificate after successfully completing the intensive two weeks in creative media.
Mrs. Eliamani Pallangyo holding her certificate after successfully completing the intensive two weeks in creative media.
This is my story...
This is my story…

Written and compile by Wilson Masaka

Life – Skills Training at KFI 1st Year Students

This week our 1st year’s students got a chance to interact with Mr. Sud Abdallah, who is an occupational therapist here in Arusha. Many youth in today’s society are faced with many challenges, one being lack of self identity or self awareness which derail them from their desired dreams. Mr. Sud used the Johari window which is a simple model and useful tool for illustrating and improving self-awareness, and mutual understanding between individuals within a group.

These are periodic guest lectures that we organize parallel to the main course in cinematography. The main goal is geared towards having an all rounded students who embraces good work ethics during employment or self employment ventures.

On the other hand our 3rd year students started their one month intern-ship at different reputable companies, for example, at Kikoi in Dar -el Salam,  KFI production Unit just to mention but a few.

Students paying attention to Mr. Sud advice on how to be aware of SELF…