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The KFI Production Unit had an assignment to filming a project of the Maasai Pastoralist Foundation is concerned workshop about intellectual property on their lands, family, local medicine and mostly on stitching beads in which they have been trained on.

The film also involves a success story of certain Maasai women’s group. The project will be edited in four days and will be delivered to the client ready for the intended use.

“It was a great and an incredible experience to film a workshop at Maasai Land because I felt like part of the workshop which influenced me as camera operator to take reasonable and good shots that delivers the message” say’s Samson Kapinga

maasai-mpf maasai-mpf2 maasai-mpf3

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Written by Mercy

Updates From Zambia – KFIZ

Last week the KFIZ team met with all parents of the students starting training at our sister institution in Zambia. The main agenda was to orient and discuss with parents about rules and regulations at KFI Zambia.

All the parents signed acceptance forms and they promised to make the full commitment to support their sons and daughters during the intensive 2 years training in media and film making in Kilimanjaro Film Institute Zambia (KFIZ). KFIZ will provide the highest levels of training in all aspects of audio-visual production: directing, camera, editing, sound, presenting and researching.

We are all wishing our sister and brothers in Zambia all the best through their learning curve.

Mary orienting the parents through KFIZ rules and regulations



The 3rd Arusha African Film Festival (AAFF)

AAFF Understanding Africa through Film, The 3rd Arusha African Film Festival 20th – 27th September 2014

Theme: Youth Engagement and Cultural Integration in Africa.

AAFF is a platform for the exhibition and distribution of African films. It is also a center for the “understanding of Africa through film.” The Arusha African Film Festival is a member of the East African Film Festival Network (EAFN), and awards East African filmmakers the EAFN Awards for best films dealing with East African integration. There is also the AAFF awards. Hakika Entertainment is the sole organizer of the AAFF, and is poised on helping filmmakers distribute and market their films, globally. Source

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Kilimanjaro Film Institute (KFI) is one the partners of the ongoing Arusha Africa Film Festival (AAFF) which was officially opened on 20th September 2014. There will be several films screening from 21st to 27th September 2014 at Via Via cultural cafe and Alliance francaise Arusha Tanzania, so make a point of visiting this venues to support the African film makers.

KFI students: Alice and Godlisten taking the lead as the host during the opening of the festival.
KFI students: Alice and Godlisten taking the lead as the host during the opening of the festival.
KFI stand at the opening of Arusha  African Film Festival
KFI stand at the opening of Arusha African Film Festival
William our cameraman, doing what I loves... getting the best shots!
William our cameraman, doing what I loves… getting the best shots!
Entertainment segment during the opening ceremony
Entertainment segment during the opening ceremony
The audience during the  opening ceremony
The audience during the opening ceremony
Wise words from the professor!
Words of wisdom from the professor!

Our main role is to help in the facilitations during the opening and closing of the events apart from documenting the entire festival in the form of pictures and movies which we shall later professionally compile for AAFF promotion in all related platforms. Networking is the key for any organisation that is willing to open its does to new ideas, innovations, partnerships etc. During the event we shall have our team, brochures and poster spread the word out especially in the forthcoming master classes at the Moving Tanzania Hub which we host at our main offices located at Moivaro road.

Apply for Moving Tanzania at don’t miss the train only few days are left to the start of the next class.

Written by Wilson Masaka
Moving Tanzania Team

A New Dawn to Zambian Youth

Kilimanjaro Film Institute-Zambia is an organization that seeks to empower and educate youth from challenging backgrounds in Lusaka and surrounding communities in the audio-visual production and related fields.


The institute is looking at partnering with Local Civil society organizations (CSOs) who work with youth that come from challenging backgrounds. The local partners will play a big role in the selection of our students. Our vision is to have the students create and develop their own way of making films thereby giving them an opportunity to express themselves as well as starting a career in the film industry We are happy to state that we called candidates from various stakeholders and 35 young and energetic youths turned up. The candidates were given tasks in which the team of trainers from Zambia and Tanzania plus the two General Managers took turns in finding out how much they knew about the film making industry and the many dreams they had.

This was done through making them write stories. Pick a story and understand from the newspaper then tell the story and of course one on one interviews to get to understand them. 14 students were selected and the follow up is that Monday the 22nd we will be having another interview and this will target youths from Plan International Zambia. The Zambian team is ready for the launch and opening of the institute which is one of its kinds coming at the time Zambia celebrates the Golden Jubilee.

Submitted by Kilimanjaro Film Institute-Zambia) KFIZ Zambia