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Looking at Things From a Different Perspectives.

The participants learned how to build on the ‘visual muscles’ through seeing things in a creative ways.

Erick from Arusha explaining to his colleagues how he arrived from the letter W to a graphical representation.
Nelly from Mwanza explaining to his colleagues how he arrived from the letter W to a graphical representation.

•    Build curiosity (Ask the why questions).
•    Appreciate other people works from different fields
•    Imagination

This lesson builds on the participants creative and critical thinking skills that is also important while planning your composition either in cinematography or photography etc.

End of Week One

It has been an excellent week, participants are sharpening their skills daily!
Below is lesson highlights; Introduction to sound, types of microphones and introductionto  interviewing skills . After every shoot we conduct group reviews to critic  and learn from the work done.

Today the participants worked in groups with the main focus of combining all that we have covered for the week. Different roles were assigned from direction, sound, camera person etc.

mic2 microphone microphone2 story-board2story-board

Story boarding before shorting.

Creative Media – Moving Tanzania

MOVING TANZANIA aims to improve the media landscape in Tanzania and Challenges participants to engage in Improving their imaginative skills and express themselves more personally that leading to creative concepts and storytelling.

Moving Tanzania’ is building a self-reliant market for documentary making and cultural storytelling in Tanzania. ‘Moving Tanzania’ hosts a Hub of knowledge and training. The target group of the action are the professional makers of documentaries and cultural story telling for companies, institutions or self employed: film makers, video directors, camera operators, editors, script writers, video journalists, etc,

Today lesson: Introduction of course. GET TO KNOW YOU and Practical interviews using the camera and reviews