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Mkombozi is the leading child-focused agency in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions, it uses education, research, advocacy, and outreach to help vulnerable children and youth to grow both pysically and spiritualy.

The Mkombozi Centre for Street Children runs a successful programme for empowering youth who live in the streets.

Tekua Centre

Tekua is a group of volunteers brought together by one common objective, to empower and assist young, less fortunate, less privileged youth who would otherwise be in desperate situations and thus enable them to have confidence in the future of tomorrow.

Tekua is offering underprivileged youth free courses in languages and arts as well as teaching essential life skills with a focus on HIV AIDS.


Peter O'Neal founded the United African American Community Center UAACC, a non-profit community based NGO, in 1991 for the purpose of providing programs and projects for the enrichment of the Arusha community, both urban and rural and also to promote closer cultural ties to communities in America and around the world.

The name was later amended to United African Alliance Community Center to better reflect the more global focus of the center's concentration and outreach. The centre grows organically always changing and striving to meet the needs of the community.

The emphasis on youth and their issues is a key point in the operations of the centre with a focus on their challenges as well as their talents.


WAMATA is a non-governmental organization that works with people affected by HIV/AIDS. It runs Tanzania's oldest clinic for HIV. WAMATA was founded in June 1989 by a small group of Tanzanian professionals and families to assist individuals living with HIV/AIDS diagnoses.

WAMATA Arusha provides a range of services, from supporting those who have been widowed or orphaned by AIDS to providing programmes that provide AIDS orphans with real-world work skills.


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